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Refund Policy for PEM Events

Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) offers you the option to purchase Booking Protect with each registration at checkout through for PEM events currently coupled with an registration. In the event that you register for a PEM event and cannot participate, there are NO refunds UNLESS you have purchased Booking Protect AND are in compliance with their terms and conditions. You also have the option to cancel Booking Protect within 14 days of purchase. If you have any questions please email

Waivers via

Additionally, when you register through please refer to all Waivers, the Premier Event Management, LLC Waiver (Example “Athlete Agreement”): I understand that I, the registered participant, will pick up my own race packet during the Packet Pickup hours specified by race management, and that a government-issued photo ID is required at packet pickup. I understand that once confirmed all entries are final, with no additional rebates, refunds, transfers or deferrals, and that the race director reserves the right in the event of an emergency, local or national disaster or dangerous weather related event, to cancel the race or to change the day and/or time to a later date. In the event of cancellation of this event there is no additional rebate, refund, transfer or deferral of entry fees. I understand that all minors must be accompanied by a parent to Packet Pickup in order to sign race waivers during the Packet Pickup hours, as specified by race management.

Deferral Policy

Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) does not allow for deferrals unless otherwise specified to a specific event property. Please consult the related event website for more information. For all PEM events you may request a refund provided you have purchased Booking Protect through If you have any questions please email

Transfer Policy

Event Category Transfers. Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) does allow for a one-time transfer to another category in the same event. If you have any questions please email

  • Unless otherwise specified in event communications there is a $15 transfer fee to transfer from one event category to another event category in the same event.
  • The event category transfer must be in the same calendar year as the original event year.
  • If an athlete is transferring from a higher priced category to a lower priced category, the athlete will not be refunded the difference.
  • If an athlete is transferring from a lower priced category to a higher priced category, the athlete will be required to pay the difference in addition to the transfer fee.
  • If a USAT One-Day Membership was purchased along with the original race entry, it cannot be transferred to the new category and will need to be repurchased by the athlete. Please contact USAT for refund processing.
  • If insurance was purchased via Active, and you have specific questions about this third party add-on please contact the insurer or Active.
  • Once a category transfer has been completed, the option to switch back to the original category is no longer available.
  • To request an event category transfer please email

Registration Questions

For any additional other questions concerning event registration please email

Event to Event or Athlete to Athlete Transfers. Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) does not allow for any transfers of registration between events unless announced or authorized under special circumstances, or the transfers of registration number, bib or timing chip-tag between athletes under any circumstances. Race numbers are non-transferable; you cannot give or sell your number, bib or timing chip-tag to another person or participate with an unofficial race number or tag. Violators face immediate disqualification and suspension from subsequent PEM events. If you have any questions please email

  • USA Triathlon. Please refer to USAT Competitive Rule 3.5 (“Unregistered Participants”) for USAT Sanctioned Events.
  • USA Track & Field. Please refer to USATF Competition Rules for USATF Sanctioned Events.

Discount, Sale, Coupon Code or Special Offer Policy

Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”), will at times during a race calendar or race season, advertise or market special offers, sales, discounts or coupon codes to the public and/or to its contact lists via several mediums not limited to email, social media, online or print advertisement or printed material (eg rack cards at an Expo or in an athlete Goodie Bag) for the purpose of increasing event registration. Unless otherwise specified in these communications, all offers are extended to future participants for new registrations only. Premier Event Management, LLC is under no obligation to offer a retroactive credit to participants for registrations already purchased for an event during the time period for which that offer was extended, and it reserves the right to limit these offers, cap these offers or refuse these offers to anyone under any condition. All offers are good for one-time use only and may not be combined with any other offers. Premier Event Management, LLC is not responsible for abandoned carts; website, internet or phone registration difficulties; or registrant/participant incomplete registration via’s checkout processing during any offer period.

USA Triathlon Competitive Rules

Please review the USAT Competitive Rules and the Most Common Rules Violations for more information.

USA Triathlon One-Day Membership

Please review the USAT FAQ concerning One-Day Membership purchases, as well as general FAQ concerning Membership in USA Triathlon. Please contact the USAT membership team at or 719-955-2807 if you have questions about your membership, or if you would like a refund for your USAT One-Day Membership fee or your USAT Annual Membership fee.

ChronoTrack Chip Timing and Chip+Strap Return Instructions (Triathlon)

If you decide not to race for any reason you must return your chip and strap to a race official or to the timing tent if you are on-site at the expo or at the race venue. If you decide not to race and you do not return to the expo or to the race venue, and you still have your chip and strap in your possession, please return it within 7 days of the race date to:

Premier Event Management, Attn: Race Timing, 509 S Al Davis Rd, Suite B, Harahan, LA 70123

If your chip and strap is not returned within 7 days of the race date, or if you lose your chip and strap, you will be charged $50 to your method of payment when you registered. Customer Support

Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) uses as its Registration Partner. PEM, as an event organizer, only collects funds derived from race registration entry fee, and does not collect funds for any third-party add-ons, offers from (eg Active Advantage Membership), or for the purchase of a USAT One-Day membership.

Premier Event Management, LLC and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies (“PEM”) only has access to race registration entry fees in If any credits are manually applied to your race registration entry fee in your account it will only be for the base entry fee and will not include a credit for processing fees or any third-party add-ons. Please allow 7-10 days for the credit to by applied to your method of payment by

If you have questions about technical difficulties, website issues or errors on, or charges on your credit card from not related to your race registration entry fee, please contact their Customer Support for assistance.

Chat Support:  Click Here

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Phone: 877.228.4881
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